Marty Hahne is Your Library Show Specialist!

ATTENTION LIBRARIANS: Insure a big turnout for your summer reading program, and watch the books fly off the shelves, like magic! Just call Marty Hahne, The Reading Magician at 417-581-1664 today!


Dear Librarian, Here’s an idea for an exciting, fun program for the children eager to visit your library this summer. And, it’s easy, affordable, and most importantly, ties right into the summer reading theme of "Tales and Tails.” Simply have Marty Hahne, “The Reading Magician,” come to your library with his new show, “Those Amazing Animals,” and we guarantee you’ll see a big crowd of happy kids and parents, get favorable publicity, and see books fly off the shelves…like magic!

The “Those Amazing Animals" show is going to be lots of fun, with magic tricks involving all sorts of animal characters, including lions, tigers and bears! And, there's not only magic, but lots of storytelling, so the children can use their imagination.

Loads of laughter too, and if necessary I can present the show with social distancing in mind, with the audience participating without having to come up on stage to assist me in close contact. We’re working on lots more surprises so we’re sure to have something for everyone in the “Those Amazing Animals” show!” And, of course, we'll be sure to emphasize books, reading and the library throughout the program.

You’ll love working with Marty. He is prompt with any necessary paperwork, will call a day early to confirm the program, arrive about one hour before show time, and bring everything he needs for the presentation, so there’s no worry or hassles on your part. .

Show Information: “Those Amazing Animals" is appropriate for children from preschool through age 12. The program runs 45 minutes, and is totally self-contained with tables, sound system and backdrop. The only thing you need to provide is an area for the show, such as a meeting room, auditorium, or even right out in the library.

Wow! How Can I Find Out More About Marty’s Exciting Library Programs?Marty is one of the busiest performers throughout the central U.S. His summer books up very quickly–in fact many of last year’s libraries have already re-booked for this year. Don’t risk disappointment. Go ahead and take action now. Fill out the form below, click the “Get Info Now” button, and Marty will get back to you pronto — Guaranteed! Or, you can simply call Marty at 417-581-1664. Or send an email to: